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Welcome to L&Y International!

We are a direct importer of various Russian wood engineered products to US distributors, retail stores, and manufacturers.

Our primary producers are wood processing enterprises from the North European region of Russia, Ural, and Siberia. The source of raw material used in production is local forest. The advantageous Northern location of the regions determines the outstanding strength of merchantable birch and pine wood grown there.

They are ecologically clean natural wood products. They have a beautiful appearance and outstanding strength and may be used in the production of various industrial products and consumer goods.

Our philosophy is to build strong and trusted relationships through providing an unlimited service to all of our customers and helping them to obtain the best value.

Who can use our products?

  • Furniture and cabinet makers - for table tops, counter tops, bench tops, stools, chairs, beds.
  • Home builders - for windows, doors, walls decorating
  • Woodworkers - Everywhere your talents and imagination go!

    Please see the links for product examples and common specifications.

    Please contact us for more details, sizes and ordering.

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